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As a reputed life coach in London, I've had the honour to write many articles for magazines and national newspapers such as Psychologies, Glamour, Zest, etc. I've also participated as an expert life coach on television.

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NOW- Magazine-
May 2013
  Grazia Magazine
March 2013
October 2012
  contributors PDF
August 2012
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rebekah Fensome 1 PDF
August 2012
  Running Magazine PDF
June 2012
  Psychologies magazine
January 2011
  Psychologies magazine
December 2010
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Pacha Magazine
June 2010
  Red Magazine
May 2010
  Healthy magazine
August 2008

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  First Magazine
June 2008
Yoga Classes London Yoga Classes London City   Yoga Classes Shoreditch London   Yoga Hackney
HR Matters
May 2008

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September 2008
  The Marketer
January 2008
  Personal Success Magazine
January 2008

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September 2008
13th August
  City AM
September 2007
September 2007
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Psychologies magazine
June 2007
  Daily Mail   Psychologies magazine
April 2007
  Zest magazine
April 2007
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Psychologies magazine
Feb 2007
  Psychologies magazine
December 2006

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