Life Coaching Case Studies

Here, you can read about some of the cases I've handled in the past. I've provided a brief summary of clients' problem and the life coaching approach that I took to resolve the situation.

Career Change
(Music industry executive)

"I am not happy in my current workplace and am looking to get the confidence and focus to move on."

This client was looking to change his current career due to many reasons but most importantly because he no longer felt it was fulfilling or challenging him in the right way. He also wanted to think about his future ideal life and how his career would fit into this. Through coaching we discovered together that he had strong skills and talents which along with a confidence boost could enable him to break out of what he considered his "secure" job and go it alone and set up his own music consultancy business. His company "Lip Service" is proving a great success and he is happier as a result as now he is concentrating on doing what he does best rather than worrying about office politics, who his next boss will be, whether or not there is something better out there, etc. He even found time before setting up his company to take a long deserved break, travelling around the world.

Dealing with a big Promotion
(Marketing Executive)

"I've just been promoted and want to make sure I'm prepared to perform in my new role to the best of my abilities. I want to create a great first impression."

Niall had just moved companies and had taken a substantial step up in his marketing career. He came to me, as he wanted to be sure that he was properly prepared for his new role and set some goals for himself, which would allow him to progress through the company quickly.

However, through coaching he found that in fact his new role was not what he had expected and instead we found that having his own business was what he wanted.

Through coaching Niall was able to set himself a realistic action plan in order to achieve his goal of starting up his new business Utalkmarketing

He has successfully secured advertising and many clients for his site, which had over 47,000 unique users in April. Utalkmarketing is now the largest dedicated site for marketers in the UK, and features thousands of case studies and advertising campaigns from the biggest marketing brains.

Confidence Coaching
(Media Executive)

"I really want to change my life for the better. I want to focus on establishing some career and personal goals."

This client wanted to make a big change in her life and she wanted coaching to help her focus on this and give her the confidence to make this change happen. She felt she lacked confidence in work and in social settings and wanted to make sure that this didn't continue. She also had a long term plan to buy her own place and move out so she could have her own space to move around in. Therefore, she wanted to look at setting work, personal and home life goals.

By the end of her coaching journey she had made the changes she wanted to and managed to achieve all the goals she set herself. Her self-confidence has soared and people now perceive her differently.

Achieving a better work life balance
(Senior Manger - Management Consultant Accenture)

"I am a senior executive in a multinational organisation and I want to revisit my career strategy to ensure that I stay on track for my personal long-term goals."

This senior executive had enjoyed great success in his career and wanted to take the next step up. However, he became aware that he needed to revisit his career strategy in light of what was important to him in his personal life. By using a coach he was able to plan his next career move in the confidence that it would also take him closer to achieving his personal life goals therefore, allowing him to achieve a better work life balance.

Proving myself and getting promoted
(Brand Manager – Nestle)

"I want to develop my confidence to demonstrate how good I am at what I do, I want to raise my profile and get the promotion I deserve."

An executive wanted to get promoted to the next level. She was aware that while considered a dependable, reliable worker, her lack of self-confidence was preventing her from demonstrating the leadership traits that would be needed at the next level.

Coaching helped to increase her awareness of how she was perceived by her superiors and colleagues and to identify areas she needed to strengthen so that she could confidently demonstrate the traits that her colleagues were looking for.

Managing my new business venture
(CEO – Textfo)

"I want to improve my focus and control in developing my new business venture."

This client had just set up their own business and had to make the transition from working for a large Corporate company to being a small business owner. As a result he found it hard to bring structure to his day and wasn't use to managing people. He realised that he wasn't good at managing his own time and that he needed to gain more focus and control on his everyday actions. In addition to this he lacked confidence when going in to talk to large groups of people, which he felt was having an impact on him not securing more contracts.

Coaching increased his focus and taught him techniques to apply structure to his days allowing him to maximise his time. With practice his self confidence improved allowing him to feel more confident when speaking to large groups of people and managing his staff thus overall improving productivity and the success of his business.

Finding the perfect next job
Director of The Hurst (Arts and writing center)

"I am coming to the end of a three year contract and need to plan what I'm going to do next."

This client was lacking in direction and felt professionally insecure having been away from London for three years and wasn't sure about what his next move should be or whether he'd be able to do what he actually wanted.

Coaching helped to work out what he wanted from his next career move and by increasing his self worth he was able to make a considered decision and have the self confidence to go for it and make it happen.

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