Sometimes you can worry so much about what could go wrong on a date that you might miss out on Mr or Miss Right. Being sexy and confident is all important when going on your date so you need to be backing yourself 100%. Life coaching can be a great way to increase your confidence and attractiveness. Here are some great tips to help get you started:-

1. Self talk
This must be done daily if you want to achieve success. Self-talk is literally talking to yourself or more accurately your conscious mind talking to your subconscious (this is where your thoughts about the way you look are stored).

I want you to list all the negative thoughts you have about yourself and make them positive. For example, if you've said, "I don't think I'm very pretty" change this to "I'm very pretty". Some of the sentences below may also help you build a catalogue of positive phrases that you can repeat to yourself everyday:

I like myself
I love myself
I appreciate who I am and so will others
I'm radiating with beauty
I love my body and the way I look totally
I'm confident within myself
Beauty comes from the inside out

You should aim to say your personal positive sentences out loud at least 10 times a day until you start really believing it. Yes, people might think you're mad, but you'd be truly mad to miss this opportunity, because to be as attractive as possible, you have to first convince yourself that you are.

2. What's your agenda?
Before going on your date you should decide what you want out of the experience. Are you looking for a fling or a future fiancée? Decide what perception you want them to have of you and what you want them to remember about you.

3. Behave like an attractive person inside
Change the way you think about attractiveness. Don't see it as how someone looks on the outside, it's not about weight, hair, complexion it goes far deeper. Don't be afraid to give people compliments and also accept compliments yourself confidently and graciously.

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