Rebekah Fensome: Executive Career Coach and Executive Business Coach

I am an EXECUTIVE BUSINESS COACH and EXECUTIVE CAREER COACH providing companies with the necessary experience to maximise their people's performance in the workplace. As an EXECUTIVE BUSINESS COACH AND EXECUTIVE CAREER COACH I can motivate and provide guidance to people, helping to alleviate stress relating to their work or personal life and ensure that they are working to their optimum levels.

It is difficult for executives to maintain a healthy work life balance and coaching can really facilitate this process. As people become more senior within their organisations then this brings with it increasing pressure. Therefore, they benefit from extra support from a neutral source where they are free to discuss their issues, thoughts, goals and worries. As an EXECUTIVE COACH I find that people who work regularly with me find it easier to focus, are able to manage their time more effectively and their overall happiness levels are increased. They are also able to maintain a better work life balance by learning how to departmentalise their home life from their work life.

As an EXECUTIVE COACH I find that it's better to inspire your team and motivate them into making decisions and changes rather than telling them what to do and have them resent you for it. Through open honest discussions I am able to establish what their individual concerns are and then create a strategy to help them progress to achieve their goals.

As an EXECUTIVE COACH I am passionate about helping people realise their full potential and ensuring that as an organisation you have the best people working effectively and happily in your environment.

My executive business coaching sessions can be requested by anyone who is responsible for looking after "people" within the organisation, from the owner of the company, Human Resources to anyone heading up a team of people. As someone in charge of looking after people then you may want to use my services for many different reasons. Below are some of the possibilities of how as an EXECUTIVE COACH we can work together:-

  1. If you have a member of staff who has something to work on off the back of an appraisal and you'd like them to have extra help in mastering this.
  2. An employee who has just been promoted and you'd like to ensure that they are suitably prepared for their new role.
  3. People who may have flagged that they are not feeling happy and are thinking about leaving. Coaching can be a great way to reduce attrition levels, as whatever is making that person unhappy can be easily solved through a neutral source that sits outside of the main company hierarchy.
  4. It might be that the organisation has undergone some sort of change in terms of structure or business model and you need some help to coach people around this change.
  5. General facilitation and advice around recruitment, people development and retention.

My EXECUTIVE CAREER COACH AND EXECUTIVE BUSINESS COACH service is offered primarily at the client's office or by telephone. Mutually convenient alternative locations may, however, be agreed as necessary.

Rebekah Fensome is an accredited professional Life Coach and Coaching Psychologist. She has her own private life coaching practice in London and coaches people face to face or over the telephone. She coaches a diverse range of people from actors, writers, Mums, bankers, traders, personal trainers, celebrities and entrepreneurs on various goals such as low self esteem, self confidence, career change, work life balance, etc. She also works with many companies helping their employees to achieve their career goals. To get in contact with her view the contact page or click here

Rebekah has experience as an Executive Coach, executive business coach, executive career coach

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