Personal Shopping And Styling

Image Consultancy, Fashion Styling and Personal Shopping

Personal styling

This service is available to everyone, not just people who go through my life coaching process. Whether you want to change the way you look because of some of the work we have done together, you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding, party, date, first day in a new job or maybe you're bored with your look, then my image consultancy and personal shopping service can help you with this.

How it works:

Corporate styling

My consultants have worked with many corporate clients helping them to look professional and smart for their everyday lives. This service is also effective when you need to create a good first impression. For example, big meetings, presentations, your first day at a new job, interviews, etc.

As part of this service executive coaching, presentation and interviewing skills, where relevant, can also be tailored as part of the package.

For a package personally tailored to your needs please contact me at or call me on 07889 761272.

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