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Achieving a healthy work life balance will be really effective if you are suffering from stress and having problems relaxing when you leave your workplace. Most people now spend more time at work or thinking about work than they do thinking about themselves, friends, family, etc. Many people also feel that because they have high levels of success in the workplace and not in their personal life then they'd prefer to continue to concentrate on work rather than confronting more personal issues.

This can be a downward spiral and it's important to nip this in the bud and start to take control back. Conversely, however, some people may be spending too much time concentrating on their personal life to the detriment of their careers, for example, if they are in a troublesome relationship or having family issues. Again it is important to get control over this as well. The key here is "balance". The boundaries between home and work life are not as clear as they used to be with the increased usage of the web, and other mobile technologies. In addition to this there is a school of thought that unless you are the last person to leave the office each night then you won't be considered for promotion.

Life coaching is a great way to help you get that work life balance back or show you how to get it if you've never experienced it. Here are some tips to get you started on the right path:-

  1. Create a weekly diary plan. Commit to only working late 2 days a week or less and then ensure 3 days you go home on time. Also include other commitments on the plan such as the gym, shopping, socializing, etc. If you get into the habit of writing this plan at the beginning of each week (say Sunday evening or Monday morning) then you can start to see how there should be a 50/50 split between your personal and work life. Also, ensure you include some time for yourself where you get to spend time looking after yourself such as doing a yoga class, massage, etc. Put at least 2 appointments in to spend time with yourself each week.
  2. Don't take work home. First of all decide whether or not the work really can't wait until the next day. If it can't then if you need to stay in the office longer to complete a task then do so as taking work home means that it's harder to cut off from it.
  3. Delegate. If work is mounting up then delegate to someone else or let your boss know that your workload is unrealistic and give him objective and factual reasons why. Take control and your boss will respect you and not see this as a weakness.
  4. Look at your time management skills. It might that these need brushing up so you can optimize your time.
  5. Don't get caught up in negative emotions as this is time consuming and energy draining.

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