Personal relationships are one of the keys to our success and happiness in life and if they are putting a strain on us rather than supporting us then they can affect all other areas of your life as it becomes difficult to departmentalize them. Though it is important to love time alone and working things out for yourself, it's also important to be surrounded by people who you love and love you back. Whether you're having problems in your relationships with family, friends, your partner or work colleagues then it's important that these are working effectively and healthily. Some people will have problems forming or sustaining relationships due to a low self-esteem as it can mean that they don't feel they are good enough for the relationship and as a result may overcompensate by always putting themselves out for the other person which can lead to a lack of respect from others and could also lead to resentment from you. Over a period of time this behaviour will also chip away at your confidence levels leading to you feeling a lack of control over your life and prevent you living out your dreams.

Many of us ignore the issues we have with people in order to avoid confrontation but our problems around these relationships will end up catching up with us in the end so a healthier approach is to face up to it and get them resolved as quickly as possible with you in control of the outcome. This may mean moving away from particular relationships and replacing them with healthier ones, or sorting out issues with a relative for example that may have existed since your childhood. It will also mean doing some work on yourself in order to get the confidence to take these steps and believe that you can do this. It may be an uncomfortable and emotional journey to start with but it will be worth all the effort in the end. Don't waste anymore time allowing unhappy relationships get the better of you, take action today. It might be that you've already tried to sort these relationship problems out but sometimes you need some help from an external and unbiased source. Life coaching is a great way to help you sort out these problems and focus in on how to deal with them practically and emotionally in order to make your life better and allow you to get the control back so you can be on your way to living your ideal life. Life is too short to be surrounded by energy draining negativity.

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