Self Image - Learning to Love Your Body

Self-image is how we see ourselves and as a result how others will see us too. For example, if we see ourselves as beautiful and attractive then most of the time others will see this. Women are obsessed with skinny celebrities and size zero models. Men are led to believe that being tall with a good firm body and muscles will bring them these skinny women. Essentially we seem obsessed with comparing ourselves to anyone who makes us feel bad and the media is happy to portray these people to us as the main path to wealth and everything we desire. What we don't realise is that we are comparing ourselves to people who are idealised and unattainable. Often many of the pictures we are looking at in magazines have been retouched.

Aesthetic beauty doesn't necessarily ensure attractiveness or a good self-image. There are still people out there with that perfect body and what mass culture would consider as good looking but they still don't feel good about themselves which leads to a low self image. The key to having a high self-image is to learn to love what you have and not to focus on what you don't have. Most people are actually drawn to someone who is friendly, interesting to talk to and confident about themselves regardless of how they look or whether they fit into the mass view of good looking. Interestingly a lot of people who lack confidence can come across as being stuck up and unfriendly, when in fact they are just uncomfortable in their own skin to be able to talk to people freely.

Some top tips to improving your self-image are: -

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