How to be Assertive

Being assertive is a real indication of your level of confidence and key to helping you get what you want in life. People who lack assertiveness often cite some of the following situations that they find themselves in:-

"People always ignore my opinions"
"Why do I back down easily in a debate or argument?"
"I'm always left standing at the bar waiting to be served"
"Why do I apologise when people knock into me in the street?",

All these situations point to someone lacking assertiveness.

Sometimes people say they are reluctant to work on their assertiveness as they dont want to become an aggressive person but more often than not if you are lacking in assertiveness then you are far off from having an aggressive personality type. If it is something you're still worried about then just be aware that being aggressive takes the following forms of behaviour; being demanding, bullying, taunting, threatening people, being sarcastic and maybe at it's worst psychical contact.

Most people are not assertive as they have a desire to be liked and want to avoid confrontation. However, behaving like this can end up leading to an unhealthy relationship in the long run anyway.

Here are some top tips to getting you started on becoming assertive: -

Ultimately it's really important to understand that being assertive will get you further in life than being passive or aggressive and will lead to a more confident you who doesn't avoid situations that are out of their comfort zone.

Rebekah Fensome is an accredited professional Life Coach and Coaching Psychologist. She is also a member of the British Psychological Society. She has her own private life coaching practice in London and coaches people face to face or over the telephone. She coaches a diverse range of people from actors, writers, Mums, bankers, traders, personal trainers, celebrities and entrepreneurs. She also works with many companies helping their employees to achieve their career goals. To get in contact with her view the contact page or click here

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