Life Coaching Manifesto

  1. I'll help my clients in building self-confidence, improving self-esteem, increasing motivation and enhancing overall wellbeing enabling them to be more focused and motivated in the workplace or any other area of their lives.
  2. I'll help my clients to get to where they want to go by removing the barriers that stand between them and achieving their full potential.
  3. I'll help my clients identify and remove the blocks that are hampering their productivity with honest discussions, one-to-one counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy and a tailored approach.
  4. I'll help my clients manage and resolve relationship conflicts with relationship counselling and coaching. Also, in all other areas where they may be facing issues such as confidence building to insomnia, stop smoking, pain relief, phobias, bereavement, anxiety, depression, career change, relationship problems and many other common issues.
  5. I'll be fully committed to my clients' goals and will ensure they achieve them during their life coaching experience.
  6. I'll be professional, ethical and confidential in all areas of my life coaching and wellbeing practice based in the UK, Weybridge, Surrey.

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