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Life coaching is the right career choice for individuals who have a natural flair for helping people. Listening skills, power to observe, analysis, good communication skills and the ability to motivate and encourage people are some of the qualities that can go a long way when it comes to becoming a successful life coach.

Life coaching is a fast growing industry with tremendous potential. However, as the profession is currently unregulated, the information on which course to train with is hard to come by. There are a few colleges and institutions, which offer courses in life coaching that aim to give a taster to anyone who wishes to make a career in the industry.

I have a Psychology degree, Clinical Hypnotherapy degree, NLP, CBT and counselling diploma. I trained for my life coaching qualification with Newcastle College and got my certificate and diploma, which qualifies me as an accredited Life and Business Coach.

With my private one-on-one 2 hour life coaching sessions, I aim to provide you with an opportunity to gain knowledge and broaden your understanding in the field. In my sessions, I'll provide information on the kind of skills you need to excel in this field and will help you learn about different approaches to life coaching.

If you're a newly qualified life coach and are looking for mentoring and guidance, you can gain from my private one-on-one 2 hour life coaching sessions. I'll help you develop a clear understanding of life coaching, business coaching, counselling, NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy, counselling, wellbeing and other aspects of life coaching.

The body achieves what the mind believes! This profound quote from some wise man aptly summarizes the power of mind and the effect that it can have on our overall wellbeing. With increasing health awareness, we find more and more people eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. While regular exercise and diet are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, but keeping your mind healthy should also be a top-priority. Whether we talk of building self-confidence or keeping the stress at bay, it is essential for all individuals to keep the best frame of mind.

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