Life Coaching Testimonials

I've worked with people from all walks of life and have helped them come out of all kinds of personal and professional crises. Here, you can read what some of my past clients have to say about me:

Career Change (Music industry executive)

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"I had been working for the same music company for 6 years and I was in a total rut. The atmosphere internally was appalling and this combined with the rut led to a serious professional depression! Rebekah's coaching helped me come to my own conclusions about what I really wanted through focusing on what I really wanted to see myself doing in the future. Not only did I want a fulfilling career and professional respect, but also changes in my domestic life to help steer me in the course of developing a consultancy business. We saw that there was potential for a music and entertainment consultancy run by someone with my particular skills and experience, and Lip Service has now been trading successfully for four months and I'm looking to expand the business base.

The coaching was essential in guiding me out the rut I was in and being able to see a positive future. Resigning from my negative job was one of the most liberating experiences of my adult life! Coaching also helped me realise that it was entirely possible to take a sabbatical too, which I did, enjoying a 4 month trip around South America.

If you're at a crossroads in your life, I couldn't recommend this experience enough."

Dealing with a big promotion (Marketing Executive)

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" Rebekah was fundamental in helping me find the motivation to launch my own business. I set a goal of becoming an entrepreneur within a year, and I was! She has a good balance between helping you find the solutions, as well as providing some structured exercised to improve skills where necessary. "

Confidence Coaching (Media Executive)

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"My sessions with Rebekah have been a real eye opener. I now feel confident and assured when I interact with people and because of this I get better results"

Achieving a better work life balance ( Partner: Accenture )

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"I found our sessions were open, honest and always very useful. In a short period of time Rebekah helped me to figure out what my life goals were, align them with my career goals and helped me to come up with a plan to achieve them in both the short and longer term. I feel I now have a better balance between my personal and work life and have a structured way of maintaining this."

Proving myself and getting promoted ( Senior Brand Manager : Nestle )



"The process has been extremely worthwhile and my initial scepticism was very short lived. Over the course of the last few months my confidence has grown enormously. I feel that together, Rebekah and I have looked at the wider picture of what I wanted to achieve and then gradually focused on specific actions leading to the achievement of the overall goal of being promoted."

Managing my new business venture ( Textfo: CEO )

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"Throughout the sessions, I had 'action plans' which Rebekah helped me formulate. These were critical as they made me focus on certain goals which I might not otherwise have achieved. For instance one of my goals was to get a speaking opportunity in front of a large crowd. Normally, this would have been something that would have stuck around in the back of my mind. With Rebekah I targeted a specific event that I could speak at and formulated a plan to get me the speaking opportunity. The event actually happened (a panel discussion in front of 100 senior people) and by the time it came round I felt comfortable speaking as together we'd developed several exercises to help me improve this skill. I know I came across well as I got great feedback from the audience, as well as getting some clients directly from the event. Rebekah has helped me achieve some of my goals and I would like to recommend her to anyone else wishing to not just talk about their goals but actually achieve them. "

Finding the next perfect job move (Director of The Hurst)

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"The real success of this method has been in having an objective, impartial, non-judgmental and proactive consultant talking through the bits of life that I don't usually plan or consider in that way. The most useful thing that I have learnt over the last few months is to take the planning, imagination and logic that I use in my work and apply it to my life.

From the outset Rebekah has been professional, reliable and incisive. Her advice has always been relevant and useful. I shall miss having the opportunity to work stuff through with her after the course of sessions has ended. I have already recommended her to friends."

Assertiveness and confidence coaching ( Insight and Strategy Manager )

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"I had just left a research agency where I had been working for over 6 years to move to a media agency because I had felt that I couldn't go any further in my career. I knew that I would be joining a new, albeit related, industry with it's own challenges where I would soon face a number of steep learning curves.

My sessions with Rebekah helped me to build confidence in myself and my new career path, framing my internal and external reference points and defining a clear path of progression. I also quickly came to understand an awful lot more about my own strengths and capabilities.

Each session was entirely bespoke yet flexible and I always left feeling that real progress has been made.

I couldn't recommend Rebekah highly enough if you need guidance for whatever reason or even if you want to work through or towards any short term issues or goals."

Dealing with work pressure effectively ( Director )

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I had reached a very challenging time in my life and career, there was an enormous amount of pressure on me and no one to turn to for impartial, but professional and objective, guidance or advice.

In our sessions, Rebekah and I, were able to discuss situations logically - whether personal or work related - then build plans and goals together to solve those issues, in a way that I was comfortable with.

I am a very independent person, asking for help from anyone, was a very difficult decision, for me to make. I would have no doubt in recommending Rebekah, her strength of character and experience, have certainly helped me to make a significant difference in my life.

Getting the life work balance back ( Photographer )

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My sessions with Rebekah were invaluable in helping me get back on track with my career/life balance. She re trained me to be able to keep perspective and implement a structure that made it easier to move forward with a busy career whilst not not letting it eclipse the rest of life. She had an abillity to gage very quickly the nature of my career and where i needed help. In general she is a good listener and a good trainer who is very easy to talk to freely.

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