Dealing with stress

Stress can be a good thing in that it gives you motivation to achieve goals. However, too much stress or too little stress can be bad for you. The best way to handle stress is to recognise the different levels of stress you are in and then know how to deal with it.

There are many sources of stress ranging from relationship problems, bereavement, loss, finance, career, holidays, moving house, wedding arrangements, etc and there can be many side effects such as depression, a decrease in physical health, sensitivity to criticism, increased drinking, loss of focus, sleeping problems, etc.

  1. Relaxed
    This kind of stress is good and bad. It often means you're sitting in your comfort zone and the only stress you have is coming from boredom. Boredom can also be dangerous, as it will mean that you're not getting the most out of your life. Its good to be here when you have been in high stress situations and you want to de-stress when you're on holiday for example.
  2. Dynamic
    This kind of stress is productive and pushes you towards achieving things like promotion, having new experiences, etc. This kind of stress is exciting, will increase your adrenalin, make you feel a little nervous but will mean you're achieving your goals and feeling challenged. Its good to spend a lot of time with this kind of stress as it will mean you're truly living life.
  3. Distracted
    We have to be careful being in this zone. Often when we're in the dynamic zone then we can slip into this zone. This is when you start thinking too much about yourself and think that everything is too difficult and you wont be able to cope. It's important to know when you slip into this zone and make sure you get out of it quickly. You can recognise when you're in here as you'll be using phrases like "I don't think I can cope", "No-one is supporting me", "I'm never going to get all this done". Or you may feel so stressed that you cant even get the simplest things done and so will end up doing nothing.
  4. Distraught
    When you get to this level of stress it's really hard to get yourself out of it as you think everything is wrong and not just a particular situation. We cant see any way out and we might use phrases like my" life is ruined", "I cant do anything right". It's important that if you find yourself in this zone you get out quickly.
  5. Positive affirmations and self talk
    Don't think negative thoughts about yourself. Say positive affirmations about yourself like "I'm a confident and interesting person". This is a powerful technique as it means you're literally talking to your subconscious where ingrained perceptions of yourself are stored.

Just by knowing what level of stress you are experiencing is a great first step in overcoming stress. Here are some other great tips to get you started:-

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perfect body and what mass culture would consider as good looking but they still don't feel good about themselves which leads to a low self image. The key to having a high self-image is to learn to love what you have and not to focus on what you don't have. Most people are actually drawn to someone who is friendly, interesting to talk to and confident about themselves regardless of how they look or whether they fit into the mass view of good looking. Interestingly a lot of people who lack confidence can come across as being stuck up and unfriendly, when in fact they are just uncomfortable in their own skin to be able to talk to people freely.

Some top tips to improving your self-image are: -

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